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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NYC by Hop on hop off tour...

June 9th....Had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel.  They had eggs, pancakes (which had to be heated up)..toast, sweet rolls, cereal and more!   After breakfast (which was late as we all slept in)...we headed to the trolley area and caught the trolley headed downtown.  It was raining and a young woman decided to go downstairs, hit her head and hurt her hand..everything stopped!  Had to wait for the fire people and it was certainly interesting watching it happen in a traffic jam.   After about 45 min or so we were on our way.  We headed to the 911 memorial museum and memorial pools.  Awesome, what an incredible job they did with both!  

We spent a couple of hours and certainly could have spent more but we wanted to try and get to the Statue of LIberty.  So after a 10 block or so quick walk we were at Battery Park and were the last people on the last ferry out to the island.  

We had a quick trip but was so glad the family got to see her standing so proudly on her island!  

We got back to our waiting place and us around with about 45 others were waiting for the last shuttle.  Well, Lori called and they said we must have got the time wrong..wasn't looking good but the supervisor was on the next shuttle and he made it happen!   We got our ride back and then went to dinner at  O'Briens..we got on the last shuttle at 2200 for a night tour!  Awesome! We were gone almost 2 hours and even went across the bridge to Brooklyn..the city lights were something to see!!  It was a great ride!  Gotta say made up for the last shuttle and the frustration! 

Got back to the hotel and then we went to the 2nd floor bar for a last drink.  Then up to bed! 

Got up this morning (10th) met downstairs for another breakfast and then headed out to the subway.  Weather was humid but no rain.  We found ourselves the subway and on we went.  
We got to our destination and was going to take the elevator to another area...we got locked in..and had to call for help...luckily it was only a few minutes and it opened..hot, humid and several people in a cramped space not a good combination.  

Caught the bus and at Dollar we decided to take a 12 passenger van so we all could be together.  Finally, on  our way...we drove to Cypress Hills National Cemetary..an older, small cemetary in Jamaica area of Brooklyn...found the graves of 2 time Medal of Honor winner, Dan Daly..and 2 others!  It was so awesome and beautiful!  

Left there, got a quick lunch and onward bound for Falls Church, VA.  Got here around 1900 but it was a good ride.  Hit some storms, but most were short lived, but a lot of rain!  Finished our day with a good dinner and some beers at Fox Brewery here in Falls Church.  

Plan on going to the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico tomorrow and then DC Thursday and Friday...so much to see, so little time!  But we'll do our best!

Because it's 0100 now I will post pics tomorrow!!  So be sure and check back... (Added a few this am...more later)

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