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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Meeting new friends! Some cooking done today, bar b q tonight

Friday morning we got ourselves up around 0530 and checked to see what our blogger friends were up to.  Ken went in to take a shower so I wrote my daily letter to Seth :) Hoping to get his address at MCRD next week so these can get sent off.  

We left the house around 0940 or so to head to Gardnerville and Walmart.  Bryan, Cheryl and their friend, Triplett are coming to visit on Sunday.  They'll be here two nights. Ken's sister Diane will be starting her trip to Tennessee to see Don so she'll be spending Monday night with us too.  

Got our shopping done, then to Raley's to pick up a prescription.  We headed for Carson Valley Inn and the RV park there to meet up with Doug and Michelle, one of our blog followers. They answered the door of their Jayco motor home and invited us in.  We had figured we'd go to lunch at about 1300.  I'm thinking it was closer to 1400 or 1430 by the time we were all starving enough to quit chatting long enough to walk over. :)   The talk continued over a good lunch and adult beverages!  Michelle likes wine as do I and Doug had beer along with Ken.  I'm honestly not sure what time we said our goodbyes but we pulled in the driveway right about 1800.  They had other people to visit too.  
Doug, Michelle and their beautiful rig! Reminds of the
Stinger B. You can find this one anywhere! 

We made plans to see each other in Quartzsite this winter and lunch at Silly Al's of course.  Definitely want them to come meet some of the other bloggers that they follow.  They live in Kingman, AZ but are spending several months on the road as they are both retired now. It was a great visit and so glad we got to meet them both!  Doug you're right, you're hard to find on Facebook, so you're going to have to friend me! LOL! 
Their cute little Jeep that goes behind them everywhere! 

Ken and me pretending that this is ours :)
Oh well guess we'll keep our Jayco for now..

Saturday morning we woke close to 0600 and of course this is the day we both have stuff we want to get done, so we sleep in! Haha. Got Seth's letter written, don't care how late I am!  We're headed to John and Karen's this evening so I wanted to make a few things to take over there.  Cleaning was in the mix too. :)  The bunkhouse and outhouse are ready for company if anyone wants to stay there.  The Komfort 5th wheel is ready too, along with the guest room here in the house. We'll see when they get here where they want to end up!  
Double chocolate chip cookies and some blueberry muffins

Made some baked beans..we don't like the sweet ones
so these are from scratch

Deviled eggs for next door and some more for Bryan and Cheryl

I figured I could get this blog done before we head out so I'll end it here so we'll be ready to go! 

Have a great Saturday evening everyone! 


  1. Always fun meeting blog followers that are newly retired. Nothing quite like homemade baked beans

    1. Love meeting new people for sure! I like you can control the sweetness of the beans that way!

  2. What a nice coach! It would be lovely to meet them in Quartzsite. Oh, Silly Al's - I can't wait!

    1. It's really nice inside w all the windows! Yep I'm tasting that pizza already!

  3. We really enjoyed meeting you two! Can't wait to meet up again in Quartzsite! Doug and Michelle