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Sunday, August 4, 2019

We're out of here for a few days!

Good morning everyone!  Spent Friday in Reno shopping for our trip and yesterday was getting the trailer ready to go.  We're just about ready to head over to Bridgeport, CA and camping until Wednesday! 

If all goes as planned we'll have 4 of our 5 grandsons for all or part of the trip.  We're planning on being at Upper Honeymoon Flat.  It's about the only area you can get without reservations anymore.  

There is no cell service so there won't be any update until Wednesday afternoon! 
Looking forward to this getaway and time with the grandsons!  

Christina posted this morning..11 years
ago today!  Now Seth (oldest) is heading
to the Marines on the 19th! Mason
is a 9th grader in High School! 

Seth and Rhys (Reece). Rhys came from
Tehachapi to spend the week with
Seth.  They haven't seen each other in
5 or more years.  

Seth, Rhys and Mason...There was some dirt bike riding
involved yesterday! 
Baby Amelia came to visit yesterday!
We actually kept her for about an hour
so her grandma could get a few things
done without a newborn to worry
about :)  10 days old :) 


  1. Have a fantastic time! So cool to see how the children and grandchildren grow up! Too fast though!!
    Baby Amelia is adorable with a capital A!

    1. Yes Patsy I agree too quickly! We're kind of partial to Amelia too..will be fun watching her grow up!

  2. Enjoy your time camping with everyone. It's what memories are made from. Looking forward to how things went.
    Amelia is adorable.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Yes we've loved camping with the boys over the years. I'm planning on posting Wed afternoon if all goes as planned...LOL..Yep we're pretty partial to our little Amelia..Look forward to watching her grow!

  4. So many fun times and memories being made I just know you will have an awesome time with the grands.

  5. We have been following your Blog for awhile and find we will be in your neck of the woods around the first of next month. Would love to meet for lunch or something! Doug and Michelle

    1. Let's keep in touch and see what happens! That's a great thought! Would love to meet you both!

    2. Looking forward to it! Doug and michelle