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Thursday, December 5, 2013

23 years ago we lost daddy!

23 years ago one of the 2 worst days of my life happened.(2nd was losing my mom) ..My daddy was in the hospital on the 4th (Linda took him there on her birthday)..he was having a hard time breathing after he walked Jesse (our nephew..his special boy)..to school...Linda took him to Kaiser and it turns out he had blood clots..long story short ..he passed away on the morning of the 5th..

We stil miss him like it was yesterday as he was the most incredible person I have ever met in my lifetime..yes...he was my daddy..but he was soo special..he never saw the bad in anyone! always the good..Father Tom said he was like Saint..and yes he was...such a special man..and his girls were always first!! and then he had his grandsons...well..that's all to say..he loved them to no end..Love U Daddy!!!
 Now that i'm done with that...we sold the containers...he came late in the day..but he came..then back to Yerington so I could get Thanksgiving shopping and cooking done..had a great time in CA for THanksgiving..then back home..

We had a great snowstorm!! Now we are in Reno for the night so we can make Ken's eye dr appt in the am ...had a  nice afternoon at the Gecko lounge for happy hour the dinner at americana cafe..We have a great room at 22nd floor and at 34.00 a night all inclusive..so it works for us..

We'll head home tomorrow (as long as weather holds) then to Yerington for their tree lighting on Sat and then to Winnemcucca on Sunday for a few to try and clean things up..Then before u know it'''Christmas...ahhhhhh....As long as the weather holds..they're expecting a huge storm later this weekend..we'll see!

Definitely loving life and everything that comes with it!!!!  Thank u God!

Eric and Chris's new living room

Front yard w snow!

Driving into Yerington w the snow!

Our tree topper....Eric made this in Kindergarten over 35 years ago...

First tree skirt I ever made for my mom and dad...

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Yard art with the snow

Dodge with the snow this am

Our view out of Circus Circus this evening...
Kenny in his car Thanksgiving..

Kenny's car

Love this pic....Kay boys and Kay cousins...

Cheryl refreshed this little guy for her dad

Wendy and Urs...

Ken, Jenny and Bella...Love this.

Delivering our panelling...

Panelling on the truck


The boys like the sausage balls!

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