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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Sunday, June 17th ...Cool CA...Well, here we are in Cool at Eric's house...we got in on Friday night and spent the night with Bryan and family.  We had an excellent time there, got up yesterday and headed here. It was HOT!  We passed Eric and boys headed to Folsom lake for a swim.  They had a party to go to in the afternoon at Chad and Maidy's.  I got in the swimming pool and spent a couple of hours and Ken did some work to get ready for Tuesday. Too hot for me so I just lounged.  Earlier in the day we went to Walmart so Ken could get stuff to change the oil in the 97.  $100.00 later and we are out of there.  Went to Cafe Delicias and I had their whole bean burrito and a side salad, delicious!  

Today, woke up for Father's day and made Mason, Eric and Chris some pancakes for breakfast...then cleaned the 5th wheel and cab over.  Ken and Eric fixed a clutch thing that has been going on in the 97.  Eric and family headed for Russell's house for a bar b q with Lori and Chris's family.  Before that though since it was so hot we (Eric, Seth, Mason and me) went swimming, really nice!! Hot, Hot, hot, outside!! 

After they left, ken and i got in the 97 and headed for Bryan's, for  a few hours and a few glasses of wine.  Had a great time, came back to Eric's and then had veggie burgers and salad for dinner.  Gonna get up early and head for Winco for shopping for the trip!..

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, the best there ever was!! love and miss you so much! xxooo

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