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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday, June 2nd..Winnemucca..

We're still here at the property and it looks like we won't leave until Monday now. That's ok, it's hot outside and very windy. I spent the day clearing out some stuff I have in the kitchen area of the 5th wheel and putting in some of the better stuff I brought from the Colfax house..I figured no point in waiting till I have a house, because that could still be a ways down the road..

Ken spent time killing the ground squirrels, 5 is the count so far today.  We are having veggie whole wheat pizza and ken is having his whole wheat but with his oysters..should be a good dinner, that with a salad.  The whole wheat crust is a recipe I found on a vegetarian website and it's delicious! 

I wold post pictures but the computer is soooo slow out here, I better wait until we have more service.  

I called an old friend today, Doris Brantley..she fell a few months ago and has moved in with her daughter Frannie in Gold River.  She sounds good and I would love to get together with her sometime.  Time just seems to fly so fast..

Talked to Adam and he wants to know when he gets to come out here..so i told him he could come on the 11th when we're back out for Ken's dr's appt.  

Happy Birthday to my dear Oma...who would have turned 112 today..Love u!!

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