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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jacob's Play and Cool, CA

Monday, June 4th Cool CA...Got in around 1800 last night..Eric and family looked pretty quiet for a change..so we said our hello's and came out to the fifth wheel..That was fine as we don't spend too much time out here. It was cold but we warmed it right up with the clay pot thing on the stove.  Had a little dinner, leftovers from lunch as Las Margaritas..delicious!  So went beddy bye and it was nice!

Tuesday, June 5th...Woke up to a nice rain on the 5th wheel...had our coffees and good 4 u muffins..went inside and visited with Chris and the boys.  Did a load of laundry for Ken and slowly got ready for some grocery shopping and Jacob's play..

Jacob and his play

Got down the hill and went to the play which was nice.. end of year tomorrow for these boys..came back and made spaghetti dinner for Eric, Chris, Ken and me...gooooooddddd!! if i do say so myself. 

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