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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Mom's Birthday Today!

Wednesday June 13th ...Winnemucca!  

Well, today my mom would have been 84.  Wendy sent an email that said, "It's mom's birthday, the first dance is Popo's" thought that said it all...hopefully they are in heaven dancing together..maybe having a few Corona's!!  

We have been in Winnemucca since Monday.  Ken had his Dr. appt yesterday all was good except for an enlarged prostrate and so she wants to schedule an ultrasound for him.  

We had a nice lunch at the Chinese place in town. Adam is with us and is looking forward to killing a squirrel.  Today it looks like we are going to the dump and target practice.  Such an exciting time.  LOL...

The little place we were going to look at has a cash offer.  The contingency is they have to get a private loan, so we'll see.  We will head back to CA on Friday and spend the weekend getting ready to go to Oregon next week for camping with Eric's family along the Oregon Coast.  

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