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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday in Yerington, NV...working on the house

April 14th...Got up this am and decided to go to the big town of Yerington and visit the True Value Hardware store.  Nice place, everything from plants, hardware, clothing, toys and party items...could spend a couple of hours there if we had the time.  Had our lunch at home and Ken worked finishing up the boys room, and I painted our bathroom trim..It didn't really need it, but pretty boring in there, just a boring shade of beige so I painted the trim the same white that I painted the trim in the laundry room..I like it!  Ken probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't point it out to him as it didn't make that big of a difference.  

He got the moulding on the floor and some spackling in the guest room.  I decided to paint the door in the laundry room going to the outside. We like to leave that door open during the day, so now it matches...lol...We hung the new curtains in the kids room, most of the posters have come in so we'll get them hung tomorrow and it should look pretty darn good! 

Beautiful day here, nice and warm, but this afternoon the winds really picked up!  Welcome to Nevada! 

Tomorrow we'll get up and head to Fernley to pick up the sleep, game chairs for the boys.  We're making a trip to Carson City to visit Harbor Freight for a few things.  Can't wait to get the stuff to finish off the room.

I was on the internet today and found a comforter set I'd love to have for our room...we'll see as it's more than I've ever spent for any comforter set..but it's so cool...cowboy praying is the name of the set...Ken likes it too...so I may do it!  More of my children's inheritance i'll be spending...

Struggling over what color to paint our room, as Ken really likes the curtains in there...I do too, as they would keep out alot of heat and keep it in too..they are a shade of brown..the walls are beige (boring)...i'm thinking a pale yellow..but we'll see...

Adam called a couple of times yesterday, and once today..he really wants to come back here...:))

Anyway, life is good here in Yerington, NV!  

I'm sure there will be pictures tomorrow, if we get the room done!!

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