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Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 40th Birthday, Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 40th Birthday Bryan!!!
Hard to believe but 40 years ago I have birth to my first child!  I had been to the doctors earlier in the week and he said when I left "see u next week".   Bryan was actually due on the 29th of April.  On the 26th I was over at my mom and dad's house, and we were getting ready to go out to the house we were buying in Fair Oaks.  We had been looking at houses for a few months, thought we had one in Carmichael and it fell through because it had no fencing.  So Ken went out with the realtor one day and decided to purchase this house. (no I hadn't seen it yet)..I think he was so frustrated with the whole thing, that he liked this house and decided it was for us.  As it was I was only 17 so I couldn't own property, even though we were married.  

Anyway, off track there and back to the story.  Had a wonderful bologna sandwich lunch, (if I remember correctly I ate alot of them when I was pregnant, along with hamburgers at Payless stores when they had a counter that cooked)...we went out to the house in the afternoon, and it was really nice.  The man we bought it from, had painted two rooms, one a horrible blue, and one a bright pink as he knew we were expecting, and then you couldn't find out what u were having.  While we're out there I'm having some back pain and not feeling all that great but didn't think anything about it..after all the doctor said it wouldn't happen..Ken came to pick me up at my mom's house and by then I'm not feeling good at all...so off we go to Kaiser and at 6:50 pm I had a beautiful 7 lb 1/2 oz baby boy!  

He has turned into a wonderful man and we are so proud of you Bryan! Love u bunches! 

Today I am still in Yerington enjoying myself.  Beautiful day and weather.  Yesterday, as I was going out the back porch I saw something running towards it, so quick..hope it was a bunny but I think it was a huge lizard...does not make me happy.   Tomorrow i have to go into the shed to turn off the well, before I go...and I REALLY hope there is nothing in there!! 

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  1. A wonderful story about your first house.
    Happy Birthday Bryan!