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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The day with Jacob and Aaron...

Left Cool about 0545 this am and headed to Russell's house so they could head to a wedding in the bay area.  Got ready here and then I went to the place in Antelope I used to get my hair done and got a nice short haircut along with my eyebrows done and then headed back to Russell's. W
e were gonna head out and Ken showed up so we waited and then let him take us out to lunch in Roseville at Cafe Delicias...yummy...Ken headed back to Carmichael to visit with his mom and Don and Dana.  The boys and I headed to the mall and then to Wal mart as I was looking for material for the back bedroom...which I did buy, but I've never had such trouble looking for and getting the right idea I have in my little mind..

Came back to Russell's and spent the afternoon outside as it was really warm, made some dinner and had a relaxing night with the boys.  Kinda like last night with Seth and Mason...love spending time with these boys..Tomorrow Jacob has a soccer game early, then at 1200 we meet with Adam at Pearl House for a birthday lunch.  After that we'll head for Bryan's house for a day or two and then back home to get some work done!! 

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