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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yerington Land Fill and home to work on the boys' room!

Did our usual coffee, computer and Cheryl's delicious chocolate chip cookies she sent home with us this am!  I rode with Ken to the landfill to check it out.  In Winnemucca, Humboldt county dump is free and here you pay $8.00 for the trailer behind the mazda.  Not too bad and we don't want the weekly fee, because we don't plan on being here all the time.  Quick stop at Scolari's grocery and then back home.  

It was a beautiful day here, in the low 70's and we spent most of the afternoon getting the kids room ready for painting.  Ken pulled up the rest of the yukky carpeting and pad that was along the edges of the room.  We decided to go with pergo in both of the extra bedrooms because of the sand.  So while he did that I spackled the holes and stuff in the 2nd bedroom.  

We met in the middle and I finished taping off the kids room and hopefully tomorrow can get most of it painted.  There's an area in the side that took ALOT of spackle so it probably won't be dry.  But that's ok there's always next week.  Hope it turns out as I envision.  

I was all set to get a bunk bed with a futon, but the more I thought about it I decided that would just overtake the room.   Walmart has "flip chairs" that I think we'll buy 3 and that should work for that room, chairs by day, beds by night..I really think the boys will like them and they won't overpower the small room...anyway that's what I see in my head today..

Looking forward to getting up in the am and getting started!  We are heading to Winnemucca on Friday to pick up taxes..(keeping my fingers crossed we can pay whatever we owe)...Ken thinks we'll be ok but we had very little in real estate taxes since we sold the ca home last year.  oh well, could be worse!  

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