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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Got the floor started and finished!

Our Yerington sunset!
Ken bar b quing Friday night...I cheated and had the best hamburger ever!
Daddy made this for me when I was in 7th grade to hold my shoes..
Now it will hold the xbox and games for the boys

The rear guest room being painted!
The rear guest room before paint..
Can't wait for the new flooring!
The boys room before....
The boys room after!!
Ken working on the flooring....
Thursday....Got up and eventually got going on the floor in the boys room..I actually don't think we got started until near lunchtime..Ken started the floor and I worked on the back guest bedroom, filling in the many many holes in the walls...

Frustrating for Ken as the floor looks beautiful but he lip the flooring attaches too doesn't seem to be as big as some of the other floors he's installed..but being the trooper he is only a little (well maybe more) cussing and making up words i've never heard before..We were thinking of finishing this room and taking back the rest of the flooring to Sam's and then getting another kind.  He got about half done today.

Friday...the 12th...Got up and got going,  by this am Ken has "got his mind right" as he puts it and the flooring flows nicely.  No banging, no cussing.  And by the end of the day, the floor is just gorgeous, finished (except for the doorway kit) and we are going to put it in the back guestroom. 

I worked on painting the room, and it's beautiful if I do say so myself!  Need to do the finish work on Sat but it really looks nice.  Ken will start prepping the floor on Sat.  

The boys sleep chairs are in at Wal Mart so probably Monday we'll take a ride to Fernley and get them..no point in fighting the weekend crowd if we don't have to...and we don't!!

We both are loving it here at our new home in Yerington, NV...we definitely made a good choice to be here..and our little home is coming together nicely! 

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