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Monday, April 29, 2013

A great weekend in CA...

My new comforter!  Can't wait to have the bedroom to go with it!
Bryan blowing out the 40 candles!
The cake's on FIRE!
The carrot cake before the fire!
A friendly couple of games of horse...
Ken and Bryan pulling on the tree...
Getting the strategy on how to cut down the tree...
Grandson Mason!
Eric's project..1st phase
Eric's project,  looking good!
Sat...April 27th...Left Yerington about 0800 to head to CA..Made a stop in Gardnerville at the Wal Mart..and headed to Cool to see Eric's project and spend some time with the grandkids, Seth and Mason.  Got there around 1320, and at my lunch I had made at home.  It was hot there too!  Eric and Ken were pretty much done with what they had been working on and Seth had a baseball game, so Mason stayed with us.  Spent a nice cool night in the camper. 

Sunday, April 28th...Got up and made breakfast for the family, as Mason had asked for pancakes.  After a good breakfast we were getting ready to head to Bryan's house to celebrate his 40th as he worked his birthday and was off on Sunday.  Spent some time outside, as they have a really nice yard.  Cheryl saw there were a few small trees that if they fell would end up in the pool so Ken and Bryan spent a bit of time cutting them down. Cheryl made super burritos for dinner as that's what Bryan wanted and they were yummy.  She made a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting from scratch and that was awesome!! I'll have to try one sometime..Had a nice night, again, too much wine! 

Monday, April 29th...Got up and made breakfast burritos for everyone but Cheryl...and I got out of there early as I knew I was expecting a delivery today.  I did bit the bullet and bought the comforter I wanted "Praying cowboy" and am still waiting for it to be delivered...but at least we are here to get it...Had a nice drive here, really enjoy it as it feels like I am on vacation with the scenery on Highway 50!  Tomorrow we've decided to go to Winnemucca, spend the night and bring back some stuff for the house here..

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