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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Garage is finished! On to the outbuildings tomorrow!!!

Got up and got the day started as we knew it would be hot on the side of the garage we were painting today!  We were done by 1200 and it looks fantastic!  I swear it looks like a new building!  So glad we did it!  

We cleaned up, and headed to town for a nice lunch at one of the Casinos...It's called Casino West, but 10/1 it's being taken over by Pioneer Casino, which seems to have quite a few casinos in NV...very few people there at 1315...came home, Ken changed the oil in the Mazda..I did a few dishes and then basically nothing...

Tomorrow we will start on the two outbuildings getting them painted.  The well house and a tuff shed kind of building.  

This is a picture from the road behind us (Shirley Road)..
the blue house is our home kind of 2 shaped..u can see cabover
and fifth wheel (on the right) U can see one outbuilding behind
the cabover..tomorrow hopefully it'll look different! 

Pulling into the driveway...our finished garage!

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