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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick trip to Winnemucca....

Woke up at 0430 and got ready..left the house at 0600 or so..I made some egg sandwiches for us so we ate while watching the sun come up over the Nevada horizon..beautiful and oh so quiet!  

We got to the Winnemucca property and I took a few pics of the containers (I mean really, what kind of pics can u take of 8x20 containers..)..anyway, we are going to try and list one of them anyway on Craigslist and see what happens..I think people want them, they only problem is hauling them away..and someone is going to have to do that..can't hurt to try..

We stayed about 45 min or so, checked the mail and were out of there about 1030..we wanted to have lunch in town at our favorite Mexican place, Las Margaritas..but it was just too early..we figured we'd b in Fernley around 1300 so we decided to head for the Wigwam...got there at 1315 and had a great lunch..I had veggie burger and fries..Ken had the Big MO...I gotta say it looks so awesome!! 

Headed home, stopped at Scolari's for a few things and then home...I didn't do much after that...Ken put up a new wall mount for a tv in the bedroom..we have a 19 inch but now need much bigger! I'd say 26"...or so..Nice...

Talked to Bryan, Cheryl and Eric tonight...Looks like Eric and Mason will b coming on Saturday..as Seth and Mason are attending a funeral of a young man in Cool..so sad..He was a junior at Adam's school and died of Lukemia, if my sources are correct..We will look forward to Eric and Seth's visit!  

Planning on getting up early and getting going on the painting of the entrance of the house!  Pics tomorrow!! 

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