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Saturday, September 7, 2013

I got the back of the garage painted and Ken worked on the last side!

Trying to show Cheryl the color...but again..sometimes it green,
sometimes it's beige..just depends on the sun!

Side of the garage today..sun damage is really bad!
We will paint and finish hopefully tomorrow!

Hubby on the swing after a LONG day of work in the sun and heat!
Sunset..really pretty..guess alot has to do with the "rim fire" out of

Back side of garage after all done this am!
Got up early (0437)...coffees etc..and then out to the garage..I worked on the back side, and Ken worked on the left side ..(sure there's a name such as east, west, etc.but don't have a clue)  Got the back end done and it looks really good..!! Ken worked on he side and it looks great too.!!  We stopped for lunch about 1300 and I took a shower (ohhhhh felt so good)...had our lunch and I headed to town to visit Scolari's (our local grocery) for a few (yeah...right)...things...back home and then about 1700 Ken came in and we watched the news and then went out to the porch swing for a bit...)haven't had time since last weekend to sit in it!)...

Eric and Chris sold their Tahoe today...so good for them!!

headed for bed and then an early up tomorrow...early quit as it is Sunday ...and then lunch in town is the plan!...Loving our little life here in Yerington!!

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