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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

99.9% Finished painting "my little ugly house"...don't think I can call it that anymore!

How it looked this am!

This afternoon!

This afternoon!! Love it!
Got up this am and got the day started...it was much cooler than any other days!  It stayed that way too..sun was really bright, but it wasn't too hot!  We started with the front door side of the house (trailer)...and were done by lunch...all we had left was the little funny area between the original house and the add on, our master bedroom and laundry area.  Have just a little bit to do tomorrow and we are done!  

Thinking we are going to breakfast early in the am in town and then I'm going into Carson City and Gardnerville to do the shopping for the weekend and our visitors! 

Feels good to have another project done!  Tomorrow Ken plans on getting the painting finished, the basketball hoop up and then we'll see about the sewer pipe..

We sat outside this late afternoon, it was so cool we had to come in .....come on Fall!!

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