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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I painted, Ken did sewer pipe and all in all a great day!


In progress...
The front of the house...not quite done but looking better!

Kitchen and living room side of house!
Ken put down sewer pipe to drain fifth wheel...it will be permanent once
he lays the pipe in the ground..awesome guest room!

Ken made this backboard today for the hoop..I painted it this afternoon..

Alarm went of at 0530...I had just put the coffee on..headed outside and started painting the side of the house, 
onto the front.  Ken decided to work on the sewer system, so he could drain the 5th wheel and make sure he had
enough pipe...works..He then worked on the basketball backboard..which looks incredible!  

I kept painting, you can't see it in most of the pictures, but I do as far as I can and then Ken finishes the tall stuff!  
Wish ladders and height didn't get to me, but it does..so lucky i've got him to do the tall stuff!  Anyway works well for us!  So I touched up the livingroom side and moved on to the front of the house (trailer)...got most of it done, except the tall groves and very top!  Looks so good! So glad to be getting rid of the blue!  

Looks like Tuesday, we'll head for Winnemucca for the day...and hopefully get done Wed painting the house..Last night sitting on the back small deck we decided to add on a bit to it..Ken says it'll be simple...so blessed that he can do that stuff!!!

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