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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A day of running around!

Got up this morning and got ourselves ready for a trip to the big city...Carson City!  We headed for Lowe's and bough 7 gallons of paint to start painting the garage...the house is ugly, but the garage really NEEDS the paint job first!  

After that a trip to Walmart, and then we tried out the Golden Dragon for lunch..it was good and inexpensive.  Decided we needed to go by Verizon in town and added texting to Ken's phone..We also purchased a pretty cool unit, now we have a landline now at the house, but it is portable, so we can take it cross country, plug it in and we'll have service all the way across for $20.00 a month!  We didn't want a landline here, as we still want to travel..but this is like the best of both worlds!  It has a rechargeable battery that will hold a charge for like 4 hours..so we should be able to use the phone in the car...now this purchase presented another issue...so we headed to the Walmart in Gardnerville, as the one in Carson, sucks...too many people and not enough checkers!  Got a phone with 2 headsets and they do work in the house..I've sent an email with our number, but if you don't have it let me know via email and i'll make sure you get it!..

So we made a big circle but feel like we got a lot accomplished today!  Hopefully we'll start painting tomorrow!  If we do pictures will be on site tomorrow night! 

Thanks all who follow my little blog! 

Almost forgot...Eric and Chris bought themselves a new additon...a 2014 Subaru Forrester..looks very nice! 

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