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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The days have flown by! And we have company!


September 9th through the 11th...We have been stripping, sanding, painting and painting again...got the outbuildings painted except the 2nd coat of white on both...Yesterday the 10th..we got up and painted some on the buildings and then about 1015 I came in showered and got ready for a ride to Fernley, so we could visit and leave some money at Lowe's in Fernley..We got the post for the basketball hoop, along with the flashing and some other stuff to finish up the painting.  

Got home, Ken worked outside on the plumbing to the 5th wheel, I cleaned the house, as it had been pretty neglected the last week or two.  got a call from out friend Clif and he was in Winnemucca..coming over to spend the night on Wed. yayyayyyy...

I went to Scolari's and bought some groceries..when I got back Clif pulled in as we were unloading...we took him to the mexican place in town for lunch about 1300 and then came back home, visited and Ken made some awesome chicken for dinner..visited some more and now bedtime..we're gonna take him to the casino in the am for breakfast before he heads out to CA..guess we'll come home and paint a bit an start the house!  yayyyyy!!

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