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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Can't believe how the days fly!

My man checking his new trees

The well house..daddys gate, Arkansas plate (Seth got me)..
over the door we will have the Escar and Hermine Phillips sign
that hung at the Stanley Ave house forever..Ken's going to linseed oil it
The Jeep...looks good

Interior...it'll work with a seat cover....
September 27th...I got up and decided to head for Gardnerville to get a new camera..headed for Walmart got some groceries (of course)...drove the 9 miles to Target at the edge of Carson City and got a new Nikon just like what we had but this years model...so really nothing to learn, which is they way I like it! Visited Ross and came home with groceries and camera...I really am finding I don't like shopping..guess that's what living 50 miles from the nearest store does for ya...Ken dug and buried about 20 feet of sewer pipe and it looks good..

Had a dinner of veggie burgers and zuchinni fries!  Awesome..

September 28th...a day at home..we decided where to put the deck cover I cleaned and talked on the phone for hours it seemed like.  Talked to Wendy and Diane...great to talk in person!  Ken unloaded the jeep and worked outside..he also vaccummed all the vents in the house for the heater..Spaghetti for dinner and now we are watching Arkansas Razorbacks vs Texas A and M...

Life is good!! 

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