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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jacob's Birthday..a call from Seth..getting ready for San Diego!

Sunday morning we got ourselves up and going towards Roseville, Ca.  We had a very important birthday to celebrate!  Our grandson, Jacob was turning 18!  We stopped in Verdi, NV at the NV/CA border to have breakfast.  Yummy and we were on our way.  

We got to Roseville about 1030, party scheduled for 1100.  We went inside with the many friends and family that were there to celebrate Jacob.  A good time was had by all!  Not only did we see 3 of the grandsons we saw 2 of our sons and their wives. :)  

Jacob through the years...

That smile just melts my heart :) 

Jacob, Aaron and friends at the birthday party :) 

Somewhere between 1330 and 1400 we said our goodbyes as we had another 3 1/2 drive home. Well worth it to spend time with family :) 💙

On our way home the phone rang and it was Seth! Our Marine!! so excited to hear from him after almost 3 months of not hearing his voice.  We had a great conversation and upon hanging up he was calling his mom and dad back before he had to return his phone! Can't wait until Thursday to see our new Marine! 

Monday morning, we were here at home getting things done. I ran to Raleys for a few things but that was about it.  Ken washed both of the Patriots as we are taking the blue one on Wednesday and it was looking pretty ragged.  He also said it'll probably rain since he did that..(Tuesday night it's raining!)...

About 16390 or so he decided to start a fire outside in the fire pit..Out we went. Karen texted about 1700 to see what we were up to...She came over and you know how that goes.  Later than we planned..wine was flowing..she went home after awhile (notice I'm not saying the time..since I'm not sure).  I started the oven baked fries for Ken and zucchini fries for me..out we went again..turkey burgers for dinner and it was all yummy in the end. :) 

I set the alarm for 0400 this morning as I wanted to get to Walmart early to pick up the things that were too expensive for Raley's.  we went to Dini's and had a delicious and cheap breakfast. 

Walmart and the gas station and then back home. Spent the rest of the day in the kitchen.  About 8 cans of tuna made up, packing groceries for the weekend, mashed potatoes for Ken's dinner, cookies baked for the boys. Ken bar b qued some awesome chicken for tonight and tomorrow night at the hotel. 
We've had some nice sunsets...

and sunrises! 

Tonight ...a little lightning, thunder and rain..

Hoping the weather holds, even though the weather people are calling for snow on 395..the highway we're taking. :(   I love snow, just want it to wait until we are over the hill or back home.  Alarm is set for early so we can get going! 

We've got Seth's Crucible Candle going again as it's his friend Dylan's turn to earn his eagle, globe and anchor!  We know you've got this Dylan!! 

Next blog will be from San Diego, CA! Wish us luck on getting there without any severe weather!! 

Have a great night!  


  1. You sure have been busy. I know you are excited to see Seth, I would be too, safe drive, have fun.

  2. That's a lot of driving, but you are right ... worth it. Safe travels!!

  3. So much happening. Lots of driving and travel. Be safe. Hopefully the snow holds off. Happy Birthday Jacob. Congrats again to Seth!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jacob. A call from Seth! I've seen your excitement over much lesser things (meeting Patsy haha) so I can just imagine your joy when Seth called. I love how proud you are and should be of that young Marine!

  5. Happy birthday Jacob! Your cloudy skies are much more dramatic than what we have here. Beautiful. Safe travels!