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Friday, March 18, 2016

Can't believe it's Friday already...

Well, here we are and it's Friday already!  Originally I was going to take the boys home today, but they wanted to stay another day.  I texted their moms and got it worked out so i'll be taking them home tomorrow.  Looks like today it's a drive and picnic to Pyramid Lake.  Someplace they haven't been and neither have we.  

So this week we've mostly been home except when we've run to the grocery store.  The kids have taken a bike ride every day to the water tower, thinking it makes them feel pretty grown up that we let them go by themselves.  It's not that far, but it is to them.  Apparently, they go to the tower, take a hike up the hill and talk..don't know what all they're talking about because as much as they talk you'd think they'd be all talked out :)

Weather has been really nice this week, really cold in the mornings but it warms up nicely in the afternoon.  

Yesterday, after lunch we went to McDonalds in town for their wifi..(gotta get it here one day)..then to Dollar General where we got some plastic guns..funny how they're so grown up most of the time, but when it comes to new "guns" they're so excited!  We headed to the park for a little tennis, but after just chasing balls I was done..thinking we need a little practice.  Basketball for a bit, then back home.  The boys took their ride and we got things ready for dinner.  Ken bar b sued his "famous" burgers and they were delicious!  
At Mc Donalds...Aaron on the left, Mason on the right

Before dinner the kids played with their guns and took care of North Korea!  Gone!  

Out in the shed pretending to be riding the quads..mine need timing belt
hope to have fixed for next time...

The week has certainly flown by..

Grandma (Ken's mom) had surgery on her shoulder and is now in Eskaton for a little rehab...so I'll see if I can get by there tomorrow after dropping the kids.  Planning on a one day turnaround so not much time..hope i can get these boys going early...

Heard the boys  talking about 0300 this am..their goal is to stay up all night, they get pretty close I gotta tell you.  

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