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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grandsons Aaron and Mason are here!!

Saturday I headed over the hill to Bryan's house for the night.  Adam and I were heading to watch Aaron's Basketball games on Sunday.  I called Seth and Mason to see if they wanted to go and they did, so we picked them up on the way to Hardwood Palace in Rocklin where Aaron plays.  It was tournament weekend so Aaron had two games.  
The Champ!

Got there and enjoyed watching Aarons team beat the other ones!  After that Russell and Lori were headed home to pack Aaron's clothes for the week and to take Jacob over to his girlfriends house.  I know, rather than come see grandma and his cousins he chose to go see his girlfriend! haha...The boys and I headed over to my sister Linda's house for a quick visit and then we met Russell and Lori at The Draft in Rocklin for lunch.  Killed some time and then it was time for Aaron's second game.  This one didn't go as well for the team, but these kids on the other team were huge!  They were supposed to be 5th graders, but at the end of the game Lori was able to find out that some were 6th and more..so the coach went to the front office and basically the other team was stripped of their win! Our kids got it...doesn't pay to cheat!   So according to Aaron this would make their team eligible for tournament in San Diego this summer. 

After the game, dropped Mason and Seth off at home, and Aaron came up to Bryan's for the night.  Before we left Eric's house it was decided that Mason could come to Yerington too..so yesterday morning about 0900 we picked up Mason at home and headed to Placerville for a quick breakfast at McDonalds and then to Walmart in Gardnerville and then home.  Really haven't seen much of the kids as they got a new video game (thanks Bryan)..and have been playing non stop.  
Bryan and Adam with a good old fashioned arm wrestle
Bryan won...several times..

Bryan, Adam and Betty

Aaron and Bryan playing bowling Wii..

Got home and we have a tub in the RUDB!!  Looks great!  

The new tub...yay!

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