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Thursday, March 31, 2016

More work on the RUDB and sanding the Shiplap..

Woke up to a really cold, overcast day.  Got ourselves going and Ken got started in the bathroom.  After my daily chores he set me up in the garage (and made a nice fire in there too!) so I could sand the shiplap and get it ready for little stain, and now I think we've decided to add a clear satin varnish.
Part of the shiplap..this was truly a find in the attic!

My sanding job for the day..

The other shiplap..

Here's a pic of the typical tack job

and some of the old wallpaper that was tacked on a lot of the pieces..

So, I was sanding and he came and got me to show me what the ceiling fan light looked like when he was getting it out of the ceiling...yukkk!! No wonder the house didn't catch fire from the dust and dirt that was there!  
This is the bathroom ceiling fan..that's all dust and dirt inside..
no wonder it was falling down from the ceiling..

not insulation...just dirt and dust..yukkkkkkk

So, I got my job done just in time for lunch. He continued working on the bathroom in the afternoon.  No tile today but he did get the stuff out of the ceiling, and more concrete board up on the bathroom wall.  
more concrete board up above the tile area..mainly to protect the wall from

I know he did this patch of the two holes in the ceiling..even though he told me
there was nothing in the attic (rats, bats whatever)..he knew I wouldn't
like them being open..2nd patch is where the ducting was coming
thought the ceiling..

Looking like a nice weekend coming up so we'll see what else we can get done.  Going to have to make another trip soon into Fernley and our home away from home, Lowes!  

Talked to Cheryl and sounds like Adam is having a great time in Laguna Beach, they come home Saturday night.  

Seth is having a busy week playing baseball in Marysville..

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