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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We sure know how to kill a day!

Tuesday morning we got up and got going or at least we thought..got out of here fairly early.  Had a nice ride over to Dynamic Diesel and to the tune of $2300+ Ken has his truck back.  He's a happy camper.  One thing about Dynamic when they notice something they'll fix it, like the wiper blades and cleaning the battery cables etc..and they're not outrageous in charging.  

They did put some dye in the oil, so Ken will take it back at the oil change and have them see what it shows..hopefully not much.  

After picking it up we headed over to Lowe's in Sparks and got some plumbing stuff and wood for the RUDB and looked at some tile for the surround of the tub.  When we were at Lowe's the last time, we both saw one we wanted and that hasn't changed.  

So, we're in the parking lot after getting it all loaded, and we were going to head over to Best Buy to look at radios for the Money Pit, I looked at the time and it was 1250! What?!  How did that happen!!!

We had planned on going to Carson City for lunch, but weren't going to make it, so over to Great Basin, darn.:)  

Then Ken headed for Sams Club and I went to Whole Foods..We met up over in Gardnerville at Walmart and then a nice drive home..pulled into the driveway at 1810! 

There goes the day!  Again!  

Today is Eric and Christina's 14th wedding anniversary...Happy Anniversary you two!  

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