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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yerington, NV to Dixon, CA..

We left Yerington about 0850 yesterday and headed towards CA and a visit to Ken's mom at Eskaton in Carmichael.  We stopped in Meadow Vista and had sandwiches in the car.  Too cold to picnic outside.  Over the mountains it was cloudy and cold, but we came through early enough to miss the snow that was forecasted.  

After lunch on to Carmichael to visit Grandma.  She looked really good, much better than she sounded a few days ago.  Visited for over an hour and her physical therapist came in while we were there and said he'd come back later.  Earlier she had been walking the hall when she had been told not too and he said it again for her not to walk the hall without being evaluated first.  As soon as he left, she's like...well let's go look at the room down the hall..Ken threatened to leave if she got out of bed as she was told not too..so she didn't. I told her she's like this bad child that just won't listen :)

After leaving there we headed for Dixon and the Super8 we like to stay in.  We brought chicken and salad for dinner so we didn't have to go out.  So we just enjoyed a nice quiet evening.

This morning we got up and got going with time to spare (shocking, I know)..so we loaded the car and headed over to the National Cemetery.  We had time to visit with mom and daddy..whenever we come into the gates of that beautiful place it tugs my heart and those darn tears happen every time..I can't think of any better place for them to be except here with us...:(

We then headed over and visited with our nephew, Michael...the lawn was long but with all the rains, today was gardner day and they were busily mowing all the lawns.  After our visit it was time to head over to the entrance for Ralph Pisi's funeral. 

Ken saw lots of people he used to work with and they were happy to see him. It was a really nice service, Ralph had been in the Navy.  One of his children got up to speak and told the story of how Ralph's wife died several years ago..after her death he went downhill and they took him in..they really felt this was what Ralph had been waiting for, to be reunited with his wife..the bottom line he believed..believed that when he died he was going to heaven to be with her. So even though the siblings miss him, they believe that's where he is.  

Afterwards we went to the Elks Lodge in West Sac for a bit as they were having the after service lunch.  We stayed about an hour and then headed out.  We ended up at Xochilmilco, a Mexican Restaurant at College Oak and Auburn Blvd.  Haven't been in years but it was delicious.  

Then we headed over to Eskaton to visit Grandma.  Had a good visit and it looks like she'll be released on Monday, the 28th.  If she behaves herself..hahah.

After the visit we headed for Rocklin and the Days Inn for the night.  We'll head home tomorrow and then to Winnemucca either Thursday or Friday for a one day turnaround to pick up taxes..

Today they laid CHP Officer Nathan Taylor to rest.  He was killed last week when a young woman ran into him as he was helping on a crash..so sad, a dad with three young sons and a lovely wife.  He sounded like  a wonderful man..

Here in the last couple of weeks we've heard the word "Believe" a lot.  The preacher at Cowboy Church his sermon was on "Believe"..last night we watched a Joey + Rory special, that showed how they made their cd.."Hymns that are Important to US"..during that moving program, Joey told the story of being in the Cancer Center and someone asking her how she does it to get through it all..and simply she told her "You just have to Believe"...and today that seemed to be the theme..Believe...and I guess that's what you have to do...Believe..that our loved ones are in Heaven, and that one day they'll be there to greet us..Believe...

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