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Sunday, March 20, 2016

A turnaround trip to CA..the house is definitely quieter...

Friday I made lunch and we headed out to Pyramid Lake.  First we took a dirt road drive the back way and came out on the South end of Yerington.  A nice diversion..so many back roads on the BLM land.  

Pyramid Lake is just about 18 miles out of Fernley NV.  Fernley is about 50 miles from here so a great little trip!  The lake is beautiful and huge!  Who would think there's this little gem in the middle of the desert? 

So we got there just about 1300 and set up lunch...of course the boys ran down to the water to throw rocks..eventually they came back up and had lunch.  We drove on the west side of the lake for a bit and saw lots of people fishing.  Pyramid lake you use ladders in the water and fish from the ladders.  The lake is shallow on the edges and then drops off so quickly!  It was very interesting to see all these people on the ladders.   There were lots of campers there too..made me want to go home and get ours and just "people watch"...I'm thinking we'll be back!  
Aaron and Mason at Pyramid Lake

Running to the shore to check it out..
Getting ready for lunch

Fishing on the ladders...

After we got home Ken bar b qued and then bedtime, as we were going to get an early start.  Breakfast burritos and out the door we go.  We went I80 as I was meeting Christina in Auburn so she could get to Seth's game before going to Mason's.  

Then on to Rocklin to drop off Aaron with his family.  I met them at Hardwood Palace..where they both play basketball.  Last weekend parking was horrible, yesterday even worse!  I give Russ and Lori a lot of credit, but I couldn't do it every weekend.  Just the amount of people and traffic...get me back to Yerington!!  Traffic in Rocklin, Roseville and even Auburn was horrible!  

I was going to visit Grandma, but by the time I dropped them all off and would have ventured even further into Sacramento area...I don't know when I would have gotten home.  As it was it was 1700 and I was done!!  

Grandma was in rehab at Eskaton, then Friday she complained of chest pains so they took her back to Kaiser.  Tests all came out ok...so they were going to move her back to Eskaton.  Didn't hear from Diane so I am assuming she's back there.  

Monday we will head over the hill, visit her and spend the night in Dixon.  A friend of Ken's funeral is Tuesday at the National Cemetery so we'll attend.  See grandma on Tuesday and probably head home on Wed.  Then a trip to Winnemucca to pick up our taxes.  They called, I didn't ask what we owe, figure we'll find out soon enough!  

Maybe next week more work on the RUDB...

Happy 11th Birthday AARON!! 

Hard to believe our youngest grandsons are 11...

Our niece, Tara, her husband Darryl and the two boys Devin and Tyson are being transferred to Italy (he's in the Army).  They are visiting with Don and Dana for a bit in TN before leaving.. Saw this adorable pic on FB so had to steal it. 

Kevin seeing his Aunt Chee (Chelsea) at Fort Campbell, KY..
Love this!

A couple of action shots of the boys...

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