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Friday, March 25, 2016

Quick trip to Winnemucca today....

Wednesday morning we had light breakfast at the hotel and then loaded up and out of there.  We were going to stop by Best Buy on the way home to look at radios for the Money Pit.  Figure if we're gonna keep it awhile, it needs a better stereo system. What's a little more money right?!  

As we're driving Ken asked if i'd want to go home around Lake Tahoe, ok...so we got off on Highway 89 and then headed around Emerald Bay to South Shore and then down Kingsbury Grade.  It's been awhile so we figured why not?  The radio will have to wait a bit.  It was a beautiful day and nice, light traffic not like the weekends.  

So of course we ended up in Minden close to 1300 so we stopped and had lunch at the Carson Valley Inn.  Yum! Then home!   
Lake Tahoe

Going round Emerald Bay area...

Yesterday, I cleaned house (and boy did it need it)..seems like we've just been going and going...especially with the two boys here.  

This morning made a couple of egg sandwiches and we headed out just a bit after 0600.  Saw nice sunrise on the way to Fernley and we were in Winnemucca just about 0930.  Picked up our taxes (yes we do owe $$$$)...and did a quick turnaround, pulling into the driveway at exactly 1300.  Made a quick salad for the two of us and on with the day!  
This morning heading towards Fernley, NV

Ken worked a bit in the RUDB and got the first piece of concrete board up for the tile.  
1st piece of concrete board...yay!

I was going to head over to Cool on Monday to pick up Mason for the week..but Christina texted and said he decided not to come, he was making plans with friends.  Can't say as I blame him because he'd be the only one here as Seth has baseball,  Adam will be in Laguna Beach (poor kid)..and the other cousins all go back to school next week.  So hope he makes some good plans. 

I gotta say I miss the days when we would all get together for Easter at my mom's house or even Linda's house.  We had it some while living in Weimar. Some of the most recent fun ones were we'd take off for either Sand Mountain or Winnemuca Dunes for some quad riding with Russell's family and friends.  Did that for probably four or five years..:( Those were some really good times!!
This was Easter 2009 at Winnemucca Dunes..those boys have grown!!

Oh well, life changes and kids grow up...so it'll be a quiet Easter here, 

Our niece Tara posted this on FB this am..Bella, Devin and Tyson on
Don's beautiful property in TN!

Tyson and his Daddy went to Maryland to see family, so this is Devin and Tyson
so excited to see each other!  
Grandson Seth was asked to the Sadie Hawkins  Dance...

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