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Friday, April 1, 2016

A beautiful day in Yerington so the metal aging got started!

Awoke to a beautiful, cool morning in Yerington.  It warmed up nicely, so Ken laid out the metal so I could get started on that.  He worked in the bathroom until he ran out of adhesive for the tile..it's really looking good!  

So i'll let the pictures tell the story....

This is how the metal looks before the "aging" 

Step one...paint the tin with Clorox blue gel...

Step two..you can see the one on the right is step 1 the one in the middle
step two...painting with a paste of Clorox blue gel..and baking soda

All six panels with step 2..according to the website.."This is
where the magic happens"..hope so..I used this last time for the
hallway tin..but first I had used a different solution..so really hoping
this does it..

Looking good..I am really happy this is the tile we picked!

Giving an idea of what it'll look like!

Today we're expecting to have real wifi in the house!  Somewhere between 1100 and 1400! 

Tomorrow we'll head for Carson City Lowe's and Batteries Plus..Ken's quad need  a new battery so we'll pick that up along with a whole long list at Lowe's .  Pretty much the day will be shot! Ken's brother Don is helping us pick with tow behind sprayer we need.  Believe it or not even living in the desert we've got grass and weeds popping up..

And this little cutie...

Owen in his Arkansas Razorback shirt we got him at Christmas
Actually was supposed to be part of birthday, but I couldn't find it
with all the Christmas stuff...gotta start him off early!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!  

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