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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I don't even know what to call it anymore ...it's looking so good!

Yesterday we worked some more on the RUDB..it's looking so much better..I love the room!  So coming together! 

The tile is done, the tin above the shower and tub area is almost done! Looks awesome!  
Yesterday I played with different pieces of the vanity top to see what would dull the surface the best..clorox blue gel and then clorox blue gel and baking soda..easy! 

Ken worked on the galvanized metal above the shower, and then we decided where we wanted the shower rod to go.  

I put a couple of coats of paint on the cheap medicine cabinet we bought..

We talked with Eric last night for his 41st birthday..still can't believe he is that old..of course in a few days Bryan will be 43..really?! Yep...

Today we worked some more..Ken stained and figured out where we want the shower rod to go and cut the tin to finish the area..I really like it!  I put a varnish on the plywood top of the vanity to get it ready for the metal top.  He cut the top, and I aged it out in the sun with the clorox..easy peasy..looks good!  

It looks so awesome I really can't call it the RUDB anymore, guess that's a good problem! 

Linda posted this pic of Adam 16 years ago on Channel 31..
hard to believe he'll be 17 tomorrow!

Some of the tin and ceiling above the shower

The white cabinet from Lowe's 

Finished medicine cabinet

Eric, Seth, Mason and Christina..River Cats game...

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