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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quick trip to Lowes and Ken made the vanity for the RUDB!

Set the alarm so we could get out of here early and get home before lunch...we did it! 
A pretty ride to the Lowe's in Fernley, picked up a few things (one of our cheaper visits) and then back to the house. 

Lunch and Ken went to work on the vanity for the RUDB!   A few hours later, I was talking to daughter in law, Cheryl on the phone and he motioned me to the garage!  There it was, exactly as my vision!  I know it won't appeal to everyone, but it does to us, perfect!  

So now I'm testing a couple of ways to stain, or age the wood and then it's up to me to get that part done.  Ken will be tiling the top of the vanity..I really like the look of the plywood (I know, I know, simple things for simple minds..)...but tiling it is really the way to go..so we will.  
Two walls done and half tiled..

Beautiful morning here in Yerington..time to get going! 
1 large towel done..

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