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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Water Supply hooked up..

Yesterday we stayed home..Ken got the water supply working in the RUDB and he screwed under the tin in the vanity.  Looking so good! Now I have to admit this all looking so good...actually the tub and tile look so good I don't even want to put up a shower curtain..hahaha.. Ken knows me..and I don't want to use anything until it's all done..otherwise progress might stop...so carry on!!

Last night (Friday) we sat on the porch of the bunk house and he had a beer, I had a glass of wine and we decided that we needed a fire pit area in front of the bunk house.  

Saturday..we took off in the Tundra looking for rocks..we found some!  Went by a couple of mines and BLM and came home with quite a few..Ken washed them off and we put them where we want them..and we love it.  Got to get some gravel delivered and it will be a nice area to have a campfire.  
Our campfire area in front of the bunkhouse..we'll gravel it
hopefully soon...

Adam is going to the Junior/Senior Prom tonight so here's a few pics...

Adam ready to head out...
Hannah..putting on his buttoniere..
The whole group ready to head out!

The prom is being held at the Capital Ballroom in Sacramento..the kids (well parents) actually went together on a Limo..so no one has to drive..

Tomorrow we are heading out to attend the graduation of our niece, Christine and her husband Ryan from college.  The graduation is at Sacramento Convention Center at 1300.  Very proud of both of them, as they are raising a family and working hard to make this happen.  We got a room in Placerville on the way home, figuring we'd rather not make this a one day turnaround. 

Next Sunday we'll be at my sister Linda's house as it is Mother's Day and then we'll go by to see Ken's mom. Of course she's invited, but doubt that she'll come.  The following Saturday, I'll be coming over to watch Jacob play basketball and get to hang out with my grandsons..life is good! 

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