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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Friday in the Big City and Saturday getting a little done

Left here on Friday about 0915 and didn't get back here till almost 1700.  That's what happens when we have to go to the Big City..whic is over 70 miles away.  The joys of living in the country...we'll take it!  

Went by Walmart in Gardnerville first just to get it over with.  We were probably there over an hour, but go was needed on our list (yes for once i actually followed the list)..

Then by the bank and on to Lowe's in Carson City.  That took some time as well but we got everything on that list!  Got some more grout, a ceiling exhaust fan, the bathroom sink and some wood for Ken to build the vanity.  Definitely enough to keep him out of trouble for a few days, weeks, maybe a month or more to come.  Gotta admit we're both feeling the camping itch coming on..but actually enjoying getting the RUDB to exist NO MORE!  

Had a quick lunch at the Chinese place we really like in CC and then on to Michaels and headed home.  

Yesterday, Ken started tiling the last wall of the tub and it's looking great. He's going to need a new diamond blade so there will be a quick trip to Fernley in the near future.  He's got other stuff to keep him busy till Monday or Tuesday.  

I was all set to head over the hill to a place in Shingle Springs called Under the Arbor.  It's an antique, collectibles type store  (never been)..they were having about 35 vendors come in to their parking lot for a sale day today.  The weather cancelled it until next weekend so i'll head there next Sunday for a quick one day turnaround.  Hoping to meet up with my sisters and it looks like Christina wants to go too..so should be a good day! Ken doesn't want me to take the truck, can't imagine why?! :)

So yesterday I started a little project, simple but it dresses up towels, just a bit.. and yesterday I made up a steel wool and vinegar mixture so i'll try that on some pine, just to see if I can age it a bit..so we'll see..

Plain brown hand towel

With a little decoration..today is the bath towels...

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