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Friday, April 8, 2016

We've got grout on 1 3/4 walls!

A beautiful day in Yerington, NV yesterday!  78 degrees and a small breeze...

Ken got started on grouting the tile..figured he'd have enough grout to do the two walls that are finished..well, the grout said it would do 50 square feet..we figured about 37.5..and it covered about 3/4 of that.  We bought the stuff ready mixed and it has sealer built in..He said it was really sticky, but in the end what is done is beautiful!  Dried a little lighter than what we thought, but that's ok..

I'm so loving this bathroom!  Never thought i'd say that the way it looked for the last 3 years.  Only went in to clean (and that was tough)...

Today, is a visit to Gardnerville Wal Mart and then on to Carson City Lowe's and Kohls..they have some towels on sale so I have a project in mind....

Pretty much means nothing will get done here at home, but gotta have those days once in awhile!  

Happy Friday!  

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