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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quick trip to Fernley, Lowe's

Got up and got ready to head for Lowe's in Fernley.  Luckily, Ken was cleaning out his wallet and found a reminder that he had a dentist appointment at 0900..boy that was close.  This dental office starts about a month before calling with reminders but since last week there was no reminder.  We had it on the calendar too, but why should we look at that :)

After he got back we headed out.  Got in, got our stuff and out we went.  Bought some more wood for the ceiling, another sheet of plywood, some tacks for the tin and a couple of other things..all good right?!

So it's close to 1300..which means lunchtime at this house.  Pioneer Crossing in Fernley.  They have a good salad bar, one trip $2.95.  I had that, Ken had that and a cup of chili..yumm..out the door for $11.00.  So we headed home.  

We got out to about the high school and Ken remembers, we forgot the shower rod...the main reason we went, so he could figure how he's going to do the bar and tin and everything else ...really?!  So back to Lowe's ...

By the time we got home, late enough not to start any big projects.  

So hopefully this am we'll get started!  

April 19th...Happy 41st Birthday to our middle son, Eric!  Can't believe it was 41 years ago in the middle of the night that we welcomed this bundle of joy!  Love you Eric!  See you this weekend! (Well, at least I will)..Eric and Christina are going to see Chris Stapleton, in Berkley on Saturday night.  So i'll head over Saturday morning, they can go..and i'll do the Baseball thing, both boys have games.  Seth at 1200 at Golden Sierra and Mason later in the day.  Be great to spend a little time with both boys!  

Sunday, Ken's coming over and we'll spend the night at Bryan's to celebrate Adam's 17th birthday and Bryan's 43rd!  Monday, am we'll head back home. Should be a great weekend.  

Today, our niece Tara is re entering the Army! Congrats and good luck to you!! Love you!  

Grandpa Don was teaching Devin how to fly a kite

Tara and the little one, Tyson..

And a few of Baby Owen...

Owen and his Daddy, Dusty..

Owen with a new do...

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