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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Have no clue how I got so far behind...Happy Birthday Bryan!!

Well, I have absolutely no idea why it's taken so long to update.  Last Friday, we went to Fernley to Big R and Lowe's.  Our mission was to get Bryan a 14 foot gate for his Birthday.  Didn't like anything at either place so we headed for Carson City and Cal Ranch Supply.  Of course it never rains in Nevada, except when you're looking for a gate, and they're outside.  It poured and Ken and the sales person spent quite a bit of time looking for the gate.  I ventured out when they found they one we ended up buying, but it was pouring!  

After that, lunch at our favorite Chinese place and then time to head towards home.  
My beautiful drive along I80

Saturday morning, I left here just after 0600 to head for Eric and Christina's place. Took I80 because of the weather.  It was beautiful with the snow all over. Got to their house just before 1000.  They left for Berkeley and the Chris Stapleton concert. 
Eric and Christina on their way to Chris Stapleton concert

The boys and I left for Pollock Pines and Mason's baseball game at 1330. We were about 5 mins away (we were going to have lunch first) and Christina called saying the coach called and the game was cancelled due to wet fields.  She was upset, but I didn't mind it was a nice drive anyway.  We stopped in Pollock Pines and had lunch and then headed back.  I dropped Seth for a quick visit with friends and Mason and I went by Bryan's to drop off some of their tax stuff I had.  

Picked up Seth and headed back to Cool.  Adam stopped by and visited later in the evening.  Seth's friend Maddy came over and I visited with her mom, April.  It was a good night.  

The next morning, Seth left to go to the races with April. Maddy races so they were going to watch her.  

Bryan had said the night before about having lunch Sunday to celebrate Adam's birthday and of course Bryan's too.  Linda and Bobby, Chelsea, Dusty and Owen met us at Garcia's for a nice lunch.  Linda and Bobby go out quite a bit on Sunday so we were hoping they were available.  

I thought Eric and Chris would take their time and visit some breweries, but as we were having lunch got a text that they were home. :(  Otherwise would have had them come too...

After that we headed back up the hill, we stopped and visited with Eric and Chris for a bit, dropped off Mason and then headed to Georgetown, where we spent the night.  Bryan cooked up some really good chicken breasts and Cheryl made one of her awesome salads. Yum! 

Yesterday morning before leaving I made biscuits and gravy, because Bryan had asked me too. Very good if I do say so myself.  Don't eat it very often, but no way could I resist!  

Stopped in Minden at Carson Valley Inn for a later lunch and then headed home.  

Our sprayer arrived last night so Ken was going to put it together today.  First thing is to put the axle on...uhoh..no axle?!  Really, this is the 2nd one, first one never made it here because got damaged in transit..this box was mangled a bit, but Ken and the UPS guy determined it looked ok..well guess the axle slipped out or was never put in the box.  Ken called Northern Tool and guess what?! They're out of stock right now..so hopefully in a week or so they'll 2 day expedite it.  They should just go to the box of the first one that got sent back and pull the axle from that...guess not!  

Ken put together what he could, and it looks like a nice piece of equipment.  So hoping it doesn't take too long to get the piece. 

Ken was able to put the top on the vanity and I love it! Just exactly what i wanted!  

Today is our oldest son's birthday!  I can't believe I have a 43 year old son! Seems like just a few weeks ago he was born and everyone was at the hospital waiting!  How time flies..love you Bryan! 

Just a quick note...we're at lunch yesterday, and Ken says "well, I didn't want to ruin your nice weekend..and I'm thinking what the heck...he noticed a fuel leak on the 97 Ford..he investigated and can't determine where the leak is coming from ...hence the name "Money Pit"..so another trip to Dynamic Diesel in the near future. OH well, you can't take it with you..and we're not..haha.

The metal for top of the vanity before I aged it..

Right after the process...

The vanity top before the tin

After...love it!

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