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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More work on the RUDB!

Yesterday and today we got some more work done on the RUDB.  Ken worked on the tile and then actually cut the first sheet of tin!  Again with a remodel there's always something that doesn't fit right or has to be rethought...

Pretty much the finished job..I did fine tune and sand a bit this am..

I worked on the cabinet for the bathroom and we really like how it turned out. Yesterday I stained the Shiplap and today it got a coat of satin varnish..Can't wait for it  to go up! 

Piece on the left is Shiplap in it's natural state and the others are
after I stained them..

Today Ken finished the second wall of the tub / shower!  Love it!  

Yesterday he got within 3 rows of finishing the second wall


He's cutting the first piece of tin

Bryan and Cheryl worked on their garden today.  They took down the huge doughboy they had for many years and decided to turn the area into a garden. Bryan used some of the metal from the pool to make some raised beds..looks like it's going to be a really nice area and yield tons of veggies ....

Don sent this really cool picture..he and his neighbor Bobby Bills were working a field and Bobby brought this cool pull behind..it was built by a blacksmith in Lynnville, TN over 50 years ago..

And a few pics Adam sent from his trip to see his friend Daniel in Laguna Beach...

Yeah it was a tough week for him....

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