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Sunday, February 28, 2016

More progress on the RUDB

Yesterday I got the tax stuff done! Something that has to be done but no fun! 

Ken worked on the RUDB and it's coming apart and that's a good thing!  He got the wall that separated the shower from the shelves..shelves are gone and he got the whole shower pan out.  We were afraid of dry rot under the shower pan as it felt squishy when you stood in the shower.  Nope, all is good! There just wasn't any flooring under the shower, well not much anyway! Apparently there used to be a tub in the bathroom and a window over the tub.  Whoever did the work in the bathroom, removing the tub cut a couple of holes in the flooring and never braced it back for the disgusting shower they put in..I hope the former owners of this home, didn't pay too much to have it done as they got screwed! 
How it looked in the morning..shower and then where the
closet was...

After the wall is gone...

The green board is gone and that expsed where there used to be a window
and we could tell originally there was a tub here..

There are two layers of siding so we won't be exposing the window.  

Ok, here's what it looked like under the shower pan..there in the middle
with the pink insulation..no floor and then in the front what looks like silver is another
cut..and we wondered why it was "squishy"...geezzz

So, everything is out of there now and tomorrow (Monday) when we head for Reno to drop off the Ford we'll go buy the tub!  Guess you can tell i'm excited huh?!  We looked at some tile at Lowe's for surrounding the tub, so we'll see if there's anything we like better or not.  

Finished the evening with a fire and some tacos for dinner.   Ken talked with Eric for a bit last night and got caught up on their family.  Cool in the mornings and evenings, but nice during the day.  

Grandson Seth is playing baseball for Golden Sierra High..so stole this pic from Facebook.  

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