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Monday, February 22, 2016

We're HOME!!

Had a lovely night there in Beatty, NV.  Could hear the wild burros that hang out in that town, just like the old west!  

Actually got out early about 1000! Beautiful drive along Highway 95..not much traffic, just the way we like it!  The mountains had snow on them so just made it that much prettier!  

Stopped in Hawthorne, NV and I made sandwiches and then back on the road again, for another hour or so! Got home just before 1500.  Beautiful afternoon about 60 degrees...not as warm as we've been used to but better than expected!  

Spent an hour or two, cleaning out the trailer, getting laundry started and Ken got firewood on the front porch.  An easy dinner of leftovers and the night was done!  
Talked to Bryan, Cheryl and Adam for a bit and got caught up.  

Love going,  but it's nice to be home.  

And of course we had to have a fire last night!  Still cold nights here for awhile yet!  

Headed to Gardnerville for groceries and pick up prescriptions!  

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