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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Still here at the Mesa LTVA...

Friday was actually our "stay at home day"..which we did.  The only time we left was to head to the water filling area and fill a couple gallon jugs for coffee.  We did drive through the camping area to Senator Wash..which was just a couple of miles. We were able to sit outside for a bit..but it was windy!  Seems Yuma is known for its wind..didn't know that!  Still an interesting RV show with people coming in and out!  Beautiful blue skies and decent temps! 
Saw this sign at the Pilot Knob LTVA..
Our sunset Friday night..

Yesterday morning we set the alarm and got up to go do some grocery shopping thinking we'd do it before it gets too busy!  Well, that didn't happen!  We got to town around 0900 but Frys was very busy!!  It's a really nice store, reminds me of a cross between Whole Foods and Raleys..prices are better though.  

After that we headed for Golden Corral and got there just before 1100.  Got the breakfast price of $8.19 (for seniors)..uhhhh..but had a great brunch as they were transitioning to lunch.  Stuffed ourselves but it was really good!  We haven't been to one since not too long after we retired (over 6 years ago).  We don't normally do buffets but once every 6 years isn't too bad I would think.  

Then we headed for the Yuma Armed Forces Memorial Park in old town.  This is the only site in AZ that honors all military veterans, living or deceased. Very impressive I have to say!  Beautiful park and benches for reflection! 

One plaque wall...there were several

One of the many benches
Sample of the plaques..they are beautiful!

A little drive around old town (didn't take long) and then we headed back to the trailer.  A beautiful day! We reparked the trailer so the winds weren't so strong. I was nice and warm in the sunshine.  We laid on the lounges, I read my kindle and Ken took a little nap..the bad thing is when he woke up he had a killer sore throat!  He said he's never had one as bad as this in his life..Well, luckily this am it has subsided some (still there just not as bad).  

Still windy this am but not too bad!  We'll just enjoy the scenery and relax..then this afternoon the Super Bowl.  Tomorrow thinking we'll run into town early (well early for us)..and do one load of laundry and stop at the grocery quickly. We're headed for Quartzsite for a day or two then on to Parker, AZ and LaPaz County Park for a few days.  Looks like no Buckskin MTN as site A is booked till the end of the month.  Head back home through Lake Mead area.  

Life is good! 
Bryan and Cheryl are taking down their doughboy pool they've had
for over 10 years. Yesterday Cheryl worked and got all the siding
down! This is going to be an incredible garden space!

Grandson Jacob number 24

Grandson Aaron with the ball!

Now I need Christina to post a pic of Seth...he's the only one I don't have recent pictures of...

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