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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Swap meet and Mud Shark Brewing Company

Headed to the Swap Meet at La Paz County Park about 1000 yesterday! Couldn't believe all the people that were there!  On top of that it was Take A Kid Fishing Day..and people sure did! Didn't know there were that many kids in the Parker area!  

They seemed to do it up right, they had bar b ques going and giving away free hot dogs, sodas etc.  It also appeared that they were giving away fishing poles! Didn't see anyone actually catch fish but they were sure trying..kinda reminded me of the good ole days of working, when we would host community events..or be part of...unfortunately they ended when the Sheriff's Department (or parts of)..forgot what Community Oriented Policing was..but at least that's when I got to retire!! Yay!  

We trudged through the swap meet and were only there about an hour.  We left and Ken suggested driving to Lake Havasu to see what Rockabilly was about..ok sounds good!  Got near Lake Havasu and the traffic was incredible!  So many people!  We ended up turning around on the road to Rockabilly as it was stopped way back..so then on to Mudshark Brewery for lunch.  

We had been to Mudshark last year for lunch and it was really good. They were crazily busy, but we were seated in the bar area right away.  Tried a flight and then ordered lunch.  It was good, not as good as last year and took forever to get there.  Then you have the waitress who just dumps it on the table and runs..not impressive.  But after stuffing ourselves we headed back to the trailer.  

It  was really warm so we just watched the end of a dumb movie, The Bates Motel and enjoyed the air conditioner.  Took a little nap and then outside for a bit.  We had met some of our neighbors across from us, Tom and Lynn from Illinois, so Tom came over and invited over to the campfire a little later in the evening.  So we went, had a nice couple of hours and probably will  do the same tonight!  

We are moving from site 21 to 45 later this am for the night and then tomorrow we'll head for Lake Havasu State Park.  Hoping we'll get a site there tomorrow for a few days.  

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