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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Imperial Dam LTVA

Got up yesterday morning to windy, cold skies..decided to move on down the road, but by the time we got on the road it was about 1100.  We did run to town and check out the Roadrunner Market, got a few things but wouldn't want to do a major shopping there for sure.  

Had a beautiful if not windy drive to Imperial Dam LTVA (long term vehicle access)..It sits right on Lake Martinez.  There are 4 dump stations, fresh water and a lot of RV's.  We found out from George that you can buy 6 months passes for LTVA areas for $180.00.  I think a lot of the people are staying here that long..today i'll get some pics of some of the set ups..They take rocks and "fence" in their yards..kinda cool really!  

Back to the story..The winds yesterday couldn't make up its mind as which way to blow, so we spent most of the afternoon inside, Ken took a nap and I read my kindle and RV watched..I would say people watch but there wasn't any people outside to watch.  But I did enjoy the RV's going by outside our back window. I love my kindle but have hardly turned it on as the scenery is so beautiful.  

Ken barbqued a delicious dinner of pork and then we watched a little tv. Tried to sit outside a bit, but with the winds and the cold we came in.  

Today we're going to go into Yuma, AZ about 20 miles from where we are, do some grocery shopping and then see about their Territorial Prison Tour.  

It's a beautiful morning, people out walking and the winds have calmed.  

I'll have to update a few pics later as the internet is slow.  

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