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Monday, February 1, 2016

We met George and Suzie!

Got ourselves ready and headed down to George's camp and spent some time with him and Suzie.  They are so nice and easy to talk to just like on their blog. Very down home, just the kind of people we like!  

We decided to move down the road, closer to town to check out some of the vendors in town..well, the wind was blowing hard and the roads are not paved so needless to say we didn't spend much time outside.  We had mentioned to George that we were moving here and we should  have listened to him when he said it can get very dusty!  The road and campsites are very different at La Posa South than they are here.  Thinking we'll be back next year, but know we'll be at La Posa South...live and learn!  

We did go into town to the place we've gone before, mostly junk..but in the last tent we went too I got an old small Mason jar, which I like.  

News station predicted a big storm last night..not that big but a beautiful thunder and lightning storm! Love the windows in the trailer for that reason..so instead of bar b q we had tacos inside and watched a couple of movies.  

WE talked about leaving today, but at this point not sure what we'll end up doing.  Just know we're not going home yet!  High was 34 yesterday and snowing..

Here's a few old pics that showed up on FB...how time flies!

Russell and Lori..and their Chevy S10..

Russell's boot camp graduation..November 1996

The night before Russell got married...this would be
May 23 1997

Russell and Lori after boot camp..

Pismo Beach ...June 1996

Russell...16 years old..he was working for Big O Tires
and in the backyard working on his 65 El Camino

PFC Russell Kay..

May 24 1997..his wedding day!
Need to find some old pics of the other boys..but these popped up on Facebook...priceless!

Daughter in law Cheryl went out in her yard to cut some blackberry bushes back..decided to take the metal detector with her..took all the treasures she gathered and made this wonderful piece of art!  She placed these on the board (which is from an old barn on her dad's property)..she's going to whitewash the board and then glue the pieces on..but isn't it adorable!! 

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  1. It was great meeting you guys too.
    Don't rush away yet the weather will be awesome in a day or too.
    Lots to see and do here in southern Arizona.
    Drop by anytime.
    We probably heading out tomorrow like we mentioned.