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Friday, February 17, 2012

Even though this is boring, I'm going to start updating!

It's a beautiful day today in Colfax, CA.  Ken decided to take Friday's off (from work here at home) so he headed down the hill to visit his friend Tracy and who knows who else.  My husband the social butterfly!  I   cleaned out the computer cabinet we are going to give Christina and hope to get it to them this weekend.  Hopefully we will have some of the grandkids this weekend.  Adam has called and wants to come, Mason called earlier but I didn't get the message till later and it appears they are out running around. 

This evening we will head to Roseville to watch either Jacob or Aaron play their last basketball game of the season, the other one's is tomorrow at 0800.  I will be there too for that one.  Sunday we will go to the BMX park to watch Seth, Mason, Jacob and Aaron race.  That is always fun..This will only be the second race for Jacob and Aaron as the other boys have been doing it much longer!  

Monday or Tuesday we will head to Winnemucca for a few days, dropping off taxes, and stuff to the property.  

I was going to start the blog while we are on the road, but it  looks like it'll be awhile longer so this will be my diary for now.  

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