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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heading for Winnemucca today!

Good Morning World!  It's 4 am and can't sleep so figured I'd catch up on this blog (diary).  Don't know where the time goes, thought I'd have time daily to do this but couldn't find time over the weekend.  

Saturday, picked up Adam, Seth and Mason for them to spend the night till Sunday after the BMX races.  Came home and made tons of cookies, and by Sunday morning they were all gone.  Ken brought home the 20 foot trailer so we can get the Farmall loaded and a bunch of other things to take to Winnemucca on Tuesday.  The boys played outside for awhile and then some video games.  

Sunday they boys wanted pancakes, and then at 1100 we headed out.  I took them out to lunch at A and W / KFC they enjoyed it but there wasn't a thing there I thought I could eat.  I don't think we'll ever set foot in one of those again.  We met up with Russell's family, Eric and Chris, Jason and Michelle, who now have their son Derek racing now.  Bobby and Linda came by for a bit in the Road Runner so it was a great time!  The boys did well!  Turns out Seth should have moved up to expert in his age group (after 8 first places you move up).  He aced the first race and then that's when they discovered he should have been up a class.  His dad had a little talk with him about the fact that this race won't count for him, and the girl that was in 2nd place it would count in her wins if he let her win, Eric left it up to him what to do and Seth let (and I do mean let) the girl win the 2nd and third race.  We were so proud of him for having the maturity to do that!  Aaron aced first again (this is only his 2nd time racing).  Mason got 3rd (he just moved up to 7 year olds).  Jacob didn't get to race this weekend (due to discipline) hopefully next weekend.  

Yesterday I cleaned out some more inside the house and Ken took care of outside.  I took down my wall plates that have been there since we moved in that's the saddest I've been since we started this move.  Last night we made the best good for u pizza! Whole wheat crust and then veggies on mine w a little chicken breast. Ken had the same but with canadian bacon and his oysters. Caesar salad and  little wine and beer, awesome!! 

Today we head for Winny (short for Winnemucca).  We are leaving the trailer and the Chevy out there for a bit, and I am taking the Patriot.  We'll be there a few days and head back probably Thursday.  

Heard a few days ago that one of Ken's co workers, Rick Jones passed a way last week.  So sad, he just retired from the county and only 58 years old.. Whenever we hear of things like this we realize why we're doing what we're doing, you're not guaranteed tomorrow, so live each day to the fullest.  Treasure everyone you have in your life, and make sure they know!! 
    Gonna go wake the hubby with some coffee and get this day going!

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