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Monday, February 27, 2012

Such a great day at BMX!

All Five Boys and their trophies
Mason won 3rd place but picked track bucks instead!
Seth at the end of the racetrack!

Cute  pic of cousins Aaron and Mason!
Notice the toothless grin on Aaron, so cute                                             
                                              Four Adorable Cousins!

Feb 26th update...Chocolate chip pancakes for the boys today..seems that's what they always want when they're here. Made some cookie dough brownies to take to the race track and made up some tuna fish and sandwiches.  Off we went to the Oak Creek BMX track in Roseville.  What an awesome day!  Russell and Eric's families were both there (with the boys of course) Jason, Michelle and Derek, Lori and Chris's parents Bob and Linda came out too. Most of Russell's neighbors came out to cheer the boys, along with my sis's Wendy and Linda! 
I am pretty sure we had the biggest cheering group out there!  The boys did awesome! In the end Jacob ended up with a first place, Aaron 2nd (he wasn't happy about that), Seth didn't place but did awesome considering it was his first week after moving up, Mason 3rd, and he picked candy rather than a trophy, and Derek 2nd place totally awesome!!

Many thanks to Brandon who took a million pictures that are posted to the new Racing Blog Christina has set up on Facebook! Thanks to Christina for setting up the new "Crank it Up" site on Facebook!!  Totally AWESOME!!

Ken and I were talking on the home and both of us said that of all the sports the boys do, this is our #1 favorite!! 

Came home and watched some of our old (well in the last 12 years or so) videos because we have no tv.  Ken had to take the antenna down for the pest work.  

We do have an offer on the house :) :( ....it is a full price offer but with VA so we don't think it'll go...like we've said b4...we've put it in God's hands and whatever HE wants is what we'll do..

Well, I'll cook a turkey today because we had to move the freezer..and then hang out and find something to do with the hubby!!  

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