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Monday, December 14, 2020

Yerington's Protest Christmas Parade, My 65th birthday blessings, Seth in the field..

Well, here we are again almost another week later!  We've been mostly at home which is nice. It's cold, cloudy, clear all in the same day! We do love the weather here LOL.. 

I figured it was about time for a beautiful flag blowing in the wind!

Saturday evening we headed to our little town for the Yerington Protest Parade at 1700 hrs.  Every year our town has a Parade of Lights that the chamber decided to cancel. UHH..Well, it didn't take long and the citizens of Yerington said "NOPE" not being cancelled! 

There were tons of people in town! Some outside their vehicles, some parked whatever worked for them. Just a few minutes after 1700 we heard the sirens of the Fire Department leading the parade!  It was a quick parade as it was just lighted vehicles and floats. Sure made it feel like a Hallmark Christmas. People waving and shouting Merry Christmas! Smiles everywhere. Really touching, made me tear up! Later on I read in the group that everyone felt the same way! 

The Fire Department led the parade!  Lyon County Sheriff was at the end.
Lyon County Swat was in the middle! 

I loved this one!


Blurry, but Elf on a Shelf!
Loved this one..a masked Santa peeing on 2020!

Yesterday on the 13th I turned 65! OH how on earth did that happen?! I know I was just 16 a few years ago! I have to say I don't feel 65, luckily I get up in the am with no aches or pains. I can still get down to the floor and get back up unassisted lol. I wake up in a beautiful home, hubby by my side, a steady income, kids and grandkids who love me, sisters, a wonderful mother in law, great friends and so much more I can't list them all! I am so grateful 💗 Blessed to be 65 and feeling fine!! 

It was a stay at home day.  Ken asked me if I wanted to do anything or go out to eat and nope happy to be home. He started a fire in the afternoon so John and Karen came over to enjoy with us.  We had already decided to stay in the bunkhouse for the night and watch Miracle on 34th Street..(I feel asleep before it even started, so we'll try again tonight)..

Jacob messaged me in the morning and from then on I heard from all the family ending with a phone call from Seth who has been out in the field for the last few weeks. A wonderful surprise! Those calls are all I need as birthday presents 💖💗 I also had a lot of wonderful wishes on Facebook! This is the reason I have FB for all the good things!! 

I'm thinking a real shower is going to feel good! 

Out at Twenty Nine Palms 

This morning (Monday) we woke up about 0630 and had our coffees and blog reading out here in the bunkhouse. It was a nice and toasty morning with Mr. Heater keeping us warm.  Eventually it was time for breakfast so inside the house we went. 

Again, another stay at home day :) We did watch the end to a movie we started a few days ago, so that made it later before we got anything done. Oh well.  

Tonight, we're going to look at Christmas lights in and surrounding town.  Have a great evening! 


  1. Always great to have a small town parade. Love'em! Now you're officially a senior citizen with Medicare to take you to the end. :) Have a great year!

    1. Yep thank goodness...those insurance bills were killing me even month for nothing! Luckily I stayed health for almost 11 years..the deductible would have been awful!

  2. Yay for Yerington!!! Gotta love those small towns!

  3. That's quite the parade. It's hard to get great pictures of moving floats WITH Christmas lights. I've tried and failed. Yours aren't too bad at all!
    Love the Seth pictures.
    I hope you had an awesome birthday. 65 is just another step in the right direction!

    1. Yeah I don't know how people do it either! Thank you I loved his pictures too!
      It was a great birthday!

  4. Those floats were beautiful! Welcome to Medicare...free annual exam and mammograms.

  5. I love Yerington's protest, I wish Escanaba would have done something similar when they cancelled their parade. Seriously it is outside. Nice pictures of Seth. What Elva said....lol Take care and keep enjoying your life. Hugs

  6. I was so happy they did that! More towns have to stand up to these kinds of things! Thank you I was happy to get the pics! That's the plan to enjoy! Right back at ya!!