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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Grandma! "Mortgage Burning Celebration next door!"

 Thursday morning we had some breakfast casserole I made at home and brought for breakfast at the hotel.  They normally have a continental breakfast, but due to the virus they don't serve it at this time. 

Got ourselves ready and headed out to Total Wine and then to Walmart for some grocery shopping.  Once we were done there we headed home.  Then came the fun of putting groceries away..the part I hate the most LOL. 

I heard from Jacob that my Christmas package was delivered to him  :) 15 days and that's how long the last package took to get to Italy. 

Friday was a  stay at home day :) Ken's mom turned 93 today! She was having a good day at home celebrating.  She's a special lady who has been in my life since I was about 10 years old.  Happy Birthday Grandma!! 💖 I'll have to find a pic and post it later. 

Heard from Karen next door, this was a special day in their lives.  After 5 years they were headed to the title company and paying off their mortgage!! 

About 1530 we headed over to celebrate with them! They were so happy and can't say as I blame them. It's so nice not making a mortgage payment! We headed home about 2045..yep, enough celebrating haha. 

John and Karen! Mortgage FREE! 

Woohoo! Bring on the champagne! 

Saturday morning we took our time getting ready for the day.  Ken went outside and dragged the harrow around the driveways he's made. Grandkids from next door have ridden their new quads around and it was time to smooth the roads :) 

          Coconut flour peanut butter muffins with Lily's sugar free chocolate chips.                                                                           I only made 6 as it was the first time making these but they are delicious!

Around 1400 or so Ken saw John outside working on his cover he's doing so Ken went over to help out.  Around 1600 Ken came home as they were losing the daylight. He will be going over this morning again. 

We had the low carb stew I had made on Friday for dinner..oh so yummy! I used radishes in it instead of potatoes ( 1/2 a potato in there for Ken).  The radishes don't taste like potato but they absorb the broth and swell. Trust me, very good! 

I'm having fun researching what I want to do to the motorhome. There's a lot of beautiful renovations out there. I don't want to go crazy, but looking forward to changing it up a bit! 

Time to get the show on the road and see what the day brings! Happy Sunday!💗


  1. Glad things are falling in place for your Family.
    Always a nice feeling when you pay off the mortgage.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the upcoming Holidays.

    It's about time.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the motorhome.
    How exciting for your friends to be able to burn their mortgage. Those muffins look/sound delicious! Happy Birthday to Ken's mom, 93 wow! Stay safe. I cannot believe Christmas is less then a week away...:)

    1. Me too if I ever get started..once Christmas is over! The muffins are really good, I would make them again!

  3. Happy birthday to Ken's mom. Great to be active at that age. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the motorhome. Curious to find out which home you bring to Arizona this winter.

    1. Yes, she is doing very well. It'll probably be the Mansion this year I'm thinking, but who knows!

  4. Mortgage burning ... now that's a party!!! Good for them. Your muffins looks delicious ... the radishes, not so much!! LOL
    Hopefully we will catch up in Arizona.

  5. We would really like that Nancy! Yep we are very happy for them, John works hard and long hours they really deserve this!

  6. We're in la Posa South and there is not the people this year. Lot more parking road side.
    I saw you note on Rick and Kathy's blog
    But the sunshine 🌞 is great

  7. Happy Birthday to Mama. ;) and Congratulations to Karen and John! woohoo! I've never experienced that.